32-bit VS 64-bit audio playback – Can you spot the difference?

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After JPLAY Femto released with 64-bit only, some Nimitra clients asked me about reinstalling 64-bit version of Nimitra since it was shipped with 32-bit before so I decided to make a clip for clients to compare and see if they can hear the difference.

“32-bit audio playback recording”

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1. “32-bit audio playback recording”


2. “64-bit audio playback recording”


These two tracks are recorded from the same physical hardware with dual boot to 32-bit and 64-bit OS version with Audacity software using WASAPI and Razor Siren X through JCAT USB Card Femto + NikolaS. I also use 64-bit application for audio playback in 64-bit OS too.

If video playback doesn’t work, you can try playing from this page directly too.


I take it you’re referring to the 32 versus 64 bit version of the apps’ binaries - that really should not have a bearing on the files they generate unless the 64bit version has had updated underlying libraries that do something different from before.

The main reason for redoing binaries in 64bit is the possibility to allocate larger chunks of memory (32 bit apps are limited to 8GB) but often the underlying libraries that power the app’s internals are the same, only recompiled to 64bit.

So if there is indeed an audible difference, chances are there are new libraries used for the 64 bit version.


How to hear the difference if the current DAC playback is limited to 24 bit while some may go to 32 bit. Talking about 64 bit is simply out from this world. If you taking about resolution then the best recording and DACs available today doesn’t even close to 24 bit resolution.

I think this reserve to DSP processing (floating point) for volume and room correction which requires higher accuracy.


Why not make the files available for download so people can run them through audiodiffmaker and see/listen what differences, if any.

Listening through a poxy pc soundcard, smartphone or tablet hardly makes for a good listening experience.

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Those two files are recorded from loudspeakers system playing from the same hardware to compare between Windows 10 Pro 32-bit and 64-bit edition.


Easy to capture the output then before it gets to speakers, but may remove the opportunity for imagination to run wild.

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Wtf has this got to do with Roon?