32" Touch screen to control Roon running on a Nucleus

I seek help and advice on building a Touchscreen (jukebox style) control solution for roon using a Nucleus as the base system.

Ideally, I would encase all the system parts into one wooden housing. Parts:

  1. 32" touchscreen
  2. roon nucleus
  3. amplifier
  4. Speaker

The touchscreen [ProLite TF3215MC-B1] connects via USB.
?Would the roon nucleus understand this interface? Would it work.

A Roon Nucleus runs Roon Server. Roon Server is just that, the server/core (without interactable {grapical} user interface). There is no real point to connect a touchscreen to it or a screen at all (exception: troubleshooting when the web configuration page is unreachable). So an All-in-One Panel-PC (with touchscreen) or separate PC (connected to the touchscreen) would be needed that runs the GUI, connected over network to the Nucleus and also a small switch if you don’t want two network cables coming out of the housing. Also a power-strip may have to be placed inside to avoid having 3 - 4 power-cables coming out of it. Cooling might become an issue with that many heat generating devices. If you plan the wooden housing to function as speaker cabinet, the electronic components may not like the vibrations transmitted through the air – you better include sealed compartments for them then (attention: cooling might become an even bigger problem).

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