3rd party filter, DSP or upsampler plugin

I don’t know Roon equiped this technology or not, but it would be great if we can use 3rd party filter, DSP or Upsampler plugin
For example, if I want to use HQPlayer to upsamle to DSD but my Roon Ready DAC/streamer not support NAA or USB input, no solution for this. If there was ‘HQPlayer plugin’ in DSP section, it is very easy.

Welcome to the community, @Do_Hoang_Ha!

Roon already works with HQPlayer and a bridge that supports NAA. Likewise, Roon already has it’s own DSP engine that may be used with third party room correction filters for instance.

However, it would be helpful if you stated what you are trying to achieve; do you need support or is this a feature request?