4.16.2 does not start from roon

4.16.2 does not start from roon.

4.17.0 is the same.
4.16.1 is no problem.

I checked various things.

HQPlayer has started.
But it will stop soon.
I think it’s a problem with NAA.
NAA is 4.2.0.

It’s my OS environment.
HQPlayer : Ubuntu studio 20.04
NAA : Debian 11
Roon : Rock 1.8(build 903)

Check if HQPlayer is displaying some error messages on the status bar!

The message is “No internet access check your network”

The lan connection between HQPlayer and NAA is directly connecte.
As a result, HQPlayer does not have internet access.
But from roon you can see the Ip address of HQPlayer.

4.16.1 is no problem.

HQPlayer needs to have internet access.

4.16.1 is not required.
4.16.1 works in environments that do not have access to the Internet.
Is anything after 4.16.2 necessary?

Has the specification of HQPlayer changed?

All versions have required for quite a while, but recently HQPlayer has become more demanding on this. In any case, none of the internet streaming functionality and such work without it.

HQPlayer and NAA have been designed to work as part of your regular home network with internet access.

I understand.
It’s a specification, so it can’t be helped.
I will review the direct connection between HQPlayer and NAA.

I have one question.
Do you recommend direct connection between HQPlayer and NAA?

NAA doesn’t need internet connection, just HQPlayer.

But my recommendation is to use these things as designed - connected to a regular home network, through a proper 1 Gbps or 10 Gbps switch that has at least following features:

  • 802.3x Flow Control support
  • 802.1p CoS/QoS (advantage if there’s DSCP/DiffServ support)
  • 802.3az Green Ethernet as optional extra, but highly recommended

Switch would be star-point where everything else, including router is connected.

In my case, I have one “core” switch at the central patchbay where cabling to each room goes. And then a room specific switch in each room for local network distribution where each network connected device is connected to. These switches are by Cisco and HPE (aka Aruba these days). In addition, I have two Aruba WiFi6 wireless access points powered from the core switch through PoE. These provide wireless access to the network.

This allows me to for example reliably stream 8-channel DSD256 over WiFi to an ethernet connected NAA endpoint.

P.S. Note that if you use a smart L2/L3 switch - these are not plug-and-play devices, but need to be configured correctly to perform properly in this kind of environment. I have for example Cisco SG-350 series switches, but these need some configuration (and firmware update maintenance).

Thanks for the advice.

I have also set the NAA to go through a switch.
As a result, the network is now simple and HQPlayer can access the Internet.

Problem 4.16.2 is now solved.

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