432 Evo or Innous or Nucleus ? - Rossini-Wilson Audio Alexia- Nemo AW600

Hello, I am the owner of the DCS Rossini Player - I am registered, I bought it new. Please, give me your subjective suggestion. What source do you recommend for roon core? I currently have DCS Rossini, Electrocompaniet AW 600 NEMO, Wilson Audio Alexia and as roon core Nucleus +, but this is the weakest punk of my system - I think so, if I’m wrong, please offer me something else (you certainly have experience and you know what will sound better than Nucleus). I am interested in Innous or 432 Evo. What do you think about it and is it worth it? Will it improve anything? I will treat your proposal as a suggestion and I will decide for myself anyway, but I would like to know your opinion on this subject. Nucleus is worth a lot less than any other element of the system and that’s why I think about it. Or maybe the source of the roon core transport does not matter? Please help me make a decision. Regards, Paweł Kasza

Welcome to the community, @Pawel_Kasza.

I have removed your duplicate post–I assume this was unintentional–and moved this post from #feedback:feature-suggestions to the #roon category.

In addition to the information you provided, it would be helpful to include details of your library, e.g., source type (PCM, DSD etc.), the number of tracks/albums, and if you intend using DSP.

I will add that my source is Qobuz and Tidal. I will not use DSP.

How many albums?

1000 albums

It’s much debated as to whether improvements to a roon core device can make any difference to sound quality.

The problems with servers tend to be of the ‘it doesn’t always work properly’ type. Doesn’t sound like you have this type of issue!

You currently have Roon’s top spec ‘engineered for roon’ server, so my thought is you’re in great shape.

The rest of your system also sounds lovely.

My suggestion? Spend the money on more great music!

I know that Rossini will play better via ethernet, but … if, for example, 432 evo is much better, maybe it will just play better with theoretically worse playing usb? Theoretically, if the 432 evo or innous is much better than the Nucleus, it could play with better quality. And that’s what I’m asking? I give another example: will the cheapest computer play better via Enthernet than the very expensive innous lu 432 evo ??? This is my question and not that rossini prefers ethernet - I know that

The 432 EVO appears to be quite a bit of kit. The website is light on actual specs though. There’s no indication of the chipset thus no indication of processing speed or even the provenance of the CPU. However, the proprietary OS does appear to be heavy into DSP with their conversion to 432 HZ. It’s an interesting concept to change the pitch of all your music. If you play bit perfect to your endpoint I doubt you’d hear a difference between a $500 NUC and the $7500 432 EVO. If you enjoy DSP and upsampling, you may hear a difference. Is it better? That’s up to you to decide.

Hey @Pawel_Kasza, thank you for getting in touch, and welcome to Community!

I wouldn’t change a thing, you’re using the only Roon Core that was purpose-built for Roon by Roon. When I was with the Tech Team full time, we saw many more support requests for those other machines than we did Nucleus.

Like they say… If it ain’t broke, don’t break it! :confounded:

Did you ever get another server to try? That would be my suggestion if not. I totally get why many people will say that the Nucleus is the best you can do, it certainly makes sense on paper. But you’re not listening to specs, you’re listening to music, and the truth is that one of those other higher-end server/streamers may indeed end up sounding better in your system. Many claim that they do. Only you can decide, so if you haven’t already I would start auditioning them in your system. Let us know what you end up deciding.