5.1.2 channel layout/order puzzle

I have have 5.1 channel files and 5.1.2 channel files (extracted from dolby atmos to 5.1.2 PCM). I am telling Roon that I have 7.1 so that I can play the 5.1.2 files.

The channel order for 7.1 is L R C LFE RL RR SL SR.
The channel order for 5.1 is L R C LFE SL SR.
(see https://help.roonlabs.com/portal/en/kb/articles/multichannel#Channel_Layout)

My speaking wiring order is

So with the 7.1 channel layout selected in Roon, I have to “swap rear and surround” so that 5.1 content plays correctly. That is then a problem for playing 5.1.2 files because the channel order for 5.1.2 is L R C LFE SL SR LTop Rtop, and switching the last two pairs messes up the channel order.

So far I have manually switched the order of the last two pairs of channels in the 5.1.2 files, which is not ideal. Is there some other solution? Or is a 5.1.2 channel layout option needed in Roon to do this cleanly?

PS. I am guessing that I am the only person with this use case :nerd_face:

Hello mktmk,

you are not the only one :wink:

I have pure audio BD (no video only pictures) from the great label
that have very high resolution audio tracks and immersive audio-like atmos and AURO-3d !
The track order is here also different to the standard channel order.
Finally i solved that problem as my network player (Trinnov AL32) can route the input channels
to change the channel order.


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As I recall when you set the channel selection to 5.1 roon uses the front, center and rear speakers, with the channel selection set to 7.1 roon uses front, center and sides but there is an additional option to swap the sides and back speakers in settings. Not familiar with using 5.1.2 setup with room.

From where is your picture ?

The picture is from Audio MIDI Setup, which is a handy configuration tool on Macs.

Sono Luminus is another good source for surround and immersive.

If Roon could customize channel layout like Trinnov that would be a fix too. I think Jriver can.

Thanks twice for info and great link :grinning:

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