5.1 music in Tidal and Qobuz

I just set up a media computer as a multichannel Roon endpoint in my tv room. I can’t seem to find much music in surround sound on Tidal. Can people tell me of some 5.1 music mixes on Tidal? I don’t subscribe to Qobuz now, but if they have more surround mixes on that service I would consider subscribing. Also, are there specific searches or filters I could use to find surround mixes on Tidal? I’ve tried searches such as 5.1, surround mixes, etc, but not finding much. I have a few surround mixes in my personal collection, but was wondering if there are some on Tidal.

I am based in Belgium-Europe, and I can only find 24 multichannel 5.1 albums, all classical.

I am afraid that ‘streaming’ and ‘multichannel’ is non-existent today.

Virtually non-existent.

Thanks for the responses so far. I found a Velvet Underground 5.1 version of Loaded. There must be a few others. There used to be Hawkwind and I think Steely Dan in 5.1 on Tidal. But I can’t locate them now.

If you want 5.1 content i can help
i’ve been collecting 5.1 songs and albums


Thanks Rahul. Are you streaming 5.1 content? Do you have a list? Or are you collecting blurays and DVD audios?

Streaming is the issue as many of us have been collecting multichannel music files for years.

Could you PM me? Is there a way to do that on here?

i couldn’t see any option to message give me your email id or any place where i can message you

give me some id of any site where i can message you personally
collecting everything blurays to dvds.

On Qobuz I found their multichannel titles by searching #multichannel. You might try the same inTidal.

Hello Kal,

For streaming I am using jellyfin as server and kodi as client on android tvs and with proper setup I am getting the bit perfect audio same as source files. For ease of access have also bought yatse which can be used in conjunction with jellyfin and kodi.

If you want more details let me know.

In his most recent blog, Archimago talks about his success using a very low cost windows computer to create a multichannel Roon Endpoint. Since Qobuz has multichannel offerings, you should be able to use the same setup to stream multichannel music from Qobuz using Roon.

Here is a link to the article with step-by-step instructions showing how to set it up: Archimago's Musings: MeLE Quieter2Q (8GB DDR4, 128GB eMMC, Celeron J4125) Mini PC: An inexpensive, silent, multichannel Roon Endpoint. On Paul McGowan (PS Audio): "digital audio is soooo noisy", and "computers are the worst".

My comment, last year, was that there were only paltry multichannel offerings from streaming services. Things have improved but, imho, not to the point of usefulness.
Technology is not (and was not) the issue.

Totally agree I have tidal from past 2 years, recently I subscribed to free qobuz but the multichannel content is far too less. Apart from that the device/app/hardware compatibility issues and limitations in getting bit perfect audio is too much of a hassle and than these companies complain that pirating is all time high.