5.1 music in Tidal and Qobuz

I just set up a media computer as a multichannel Roon endpoint in my tv room. I can’t seem to find much music in surround sound on Tidal. Can people tell me of some 5.1 music mixes on Tidal? I don’t subscribe to Qobuz now, but if they have more surround mixes on that service I would consider subscribing. Also, are there specific searches or filters I could use to find surround mixes on Tidal? I’ve tried searches such as 5.1, surround mixes, etc, but not finding much. I have a few surround mixes in my personal collection, but was wondering if there are some on Tidal.

I am based in Belgium-Europe, and I can only find 24 multichannel 5.1 albums, all classical.

I am afraid that ‘streaming’ and ‘multichannel’ is non-existent today.

Virtually non-existent.

Thanks for the responses so far. I found a Velvet Underground 5.1 version of Loaded. There must be a few others. There used to be Hawkwind and I think Steely Dan in 5.1 on Tidal. But I can’t locate them now.

If you want 5.1 content i can help
i’ve been collecting 5.1 songs and albums


Thanks Rahul. Are you streaming 5.1 content? Do you have a list? Or are you collecting blurays and DVD audios?

Streaming is the issue as many of us have been collecting multichannel music files for years.

Could you PM me? Is there a way to do that on here?

i couldn’t see any option to message give me your email id or any place where i can message you

give me some id of any site where i can message you personally
collecting everything blurays to dvds.

On Qobuz I found their multichannel titles by searching #multichannel. You might try the same inTidal.