5.549 albums and 73.650 tracks - Strange

Is getting more and more strange :frowning: with Qnap and Roon - After changing all LAN cables to CAT7 Roon shows more than 5.500 albums (QNAP HS-264-8G).

In real I have roughly 600 albums.

In Settings → Storage, do you have the same folder(s) referenced multiple times? Show us a screen shot of Settings → Storage.

Here it says 71.220 tracks

If I were you I would add another subfolder to the shared multimedia folder, call it Music/Artists or whatever and move your music files in there. Roon should recognise and add your music files better with this setup.

You’ll obviously need to amend the library path in settings after you change the directory.

Thanks - but i do have a subfolder “Music”

Hi Torben, according to your screenshot above you are not pointing to it. It should be ip/Multimedia/Music?

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Well, one way to investigate is to go to Settings → General and set “Show Hidden Tracks and Albums” to Yes. Then sort by Album Name in the Album View and find an instance where you have multiple copies of the same album.

Then go under each of them, and under the 3 dot menu of Track One, select “View File Info”, click the blue “Copy File Path to Clipboard”, and then paste the file path in a text editor of your choice. Once you have done this for each, you can compare the lines in the text editor to see where Roon thinks these duplicates are stored. This will help point out if you have any references under Multimedia share that also point to Music. You can also post the File Paths here and I"d be happy to help look at them.

@Torben_Rick, you may have erroneously configured your Roon backup folder to be within the watched folders?

It’s not a simple scaling up (i.e. the same folder multiple times) as the only factors of 5549 are 1, 31, 179 and 5549.

The backup folder shouldn’t contain any music files, so this wouldn’t account for the increased number of albums and tracks.

@Torben_Rick, If I were you I’d try @Scotav’s suggestion, i.e. move all your music files to a new folder, then remove the current folder path (i.e. Multimedia), and then add the new folder in Settings → Storage.

You are assuming all the tracks are referenced the same number of times. That may or may not be the case so your assumption may or may not be correct.

No, I was asserting that they can’t all be referenced the same number of times. That doesn’t preclude the possibility that only some of them are.


After adding /Music (smb://192.xxx.xxx.xx/Multimedia/Music) it seems to be right now:



This count including media files, artworks and other files…

Good to hear.