5 Endpoints have all failed

Actually, yesterday evening i try to refresh the page and there it is again working for a couple of minutes. But its not showing in roon.

The reason it’s not showing up in Roon is because it has a broken internet connection.
It cannot retrieve the Roon Bridge software from Roon’s infrastructure.

The weird thing is dat it is capable of pushing out the feedback (as I retrieved it).

Hi @MagisterCosmos ,

Can you reboot your device?
I think I’ve solved your problem…


Wow 10/10, it is working again. Could not be more happy or satisfied!

Thanks Harry!

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maybe I will retry mine…yes all OK again :rocket: :muscle: :pray:

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So is there some logic in there now if a roon bridge d/l cant be checked it won’t kill the whole thing? - stable build version :wink:

RoPieee requires internet to download Roon Bridge (and check for updates etc.). For that it is required to have proper time sync (otherwise you can’t setup a secure connection). Next to NTP RoPieee has a fallback scenario that syncs time over https.

What happened is that if RoPieee uses this fallback it uses RoPieee’s own infrastructure. And there I made a change which resulted in this time sync to fail.

So when I got the feedback from @MagisterCosmos I immediately realized what was going on :face_with_monocle:

Anyways, I’ve already changed this to be a little bit more resilient and not only rely on RoPieee’s infrastructure but have an addtional fallback on several well known public websites.

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I see… internet was available so I am not sure why NTP wasnt working as per my screen shot, but lets hope its sorted now :sweat_smile:

That’s still under investigation :slight_smile:

so @wizardofoz

can you send me feedback of one of those units?

I’m curious whether it is doing ntp or is falling back to sync-over-https.

Here you go…one is WiFi the other is lan

f5773459a711f3ca and bc08c9ce7534029d

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