5G Networks - a future of hi-res content streaming

We do seem to be on the cusp of a significant leap in content services streaming hi resolution and uncompressed content, both audio and video. I really think that all services will soon move away from compression and quaility will finally win out as technology enables our hi res future.
It pretty exciting to envisage ever increasing sampling rates and bit depths in music and 8/16/32k video becoming the norm - an end to noticeable pixelisation on all devices.

It’s almost a year since Nokia demonstrated 5G and I have read other reports that it is only 2 years away from a commercial offering with bandwidths of 10Gbps.

It may be only 2 years away from a commercial offering, but it will doubtless take years before it impacts most of us.

I live in the Netherlands, and even though the Netherlands as a whole is high up in the league table of countries enjoying fast broadband internet, 196,000 households and 132,000 businesses in the Netherlands do not have fast broadband internet (defined by the EU as being 30 Megabits per second or faster). Far from it, many households and businesses around where I live are lucky if they get 3 Mbps.

The telecom companies are now investing in 4G networks, which won’t do much to improve the situation, and that investment first needs to be written off before they start playing about with 5G.

Sure , I cant imagine 100% roll out (probably ever).
However in cities and major towns, I can see it being rolled out (at least the start of it) by 2018/19.
Its actually going to be used in 2018 for the World Cup in Russia.

Tidal already uses lossless compression.

Yes, but TIDAL is not all services. I strongly suspect that Apple, Microsoft , Deezer, Spotify will be lossless before very long. Then I think we’ll see higher resolutions stream lossless across services. In other words I think we’ll see an end to compression for both video and audio. Just my thoughts. I don’t have a crystal ball :slight_smile:

Stream 5 albums and go over your monthly data cap. Speed is useless if telcos still only offer miniature data caps.

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I have a feeling providers might just up the data allowances. Just a guess. :sunglasses:

This is where MQA could be a magic awesome sauce bullet of amazeballs. Hi-Res/Standard-Res in a minimum file size.

Absolutely they will but just bend over first. :confused:

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Haha, yes no doubt.

Though I am also cynical about cellular carrier’s data caps, I am not an MQA skeptic.