5TB Barracuda in a i7 NUC

Stepping out on the risk curve a bit. Intel confirmed in its support blog that it had tested the subject drive in a NUC7i7BNH kit and all went well. So, I’m giving it a go and will report back. It’s the largest consumer spinning/storage drive out there (I think) in a 2.5" package.

I also ordered a 256GB SSD, so maybe this will be good for, oh, 3 months before its obsolete. :slight_smile:

A thought: this Roon stuff is becoming a much larger investment than the lifetime subscription. Hope they stick around longer than certain (unnamed) streaming services are predicted to be.

If the goal here is to run ROCK on the NUC, the SSD cannot be used for anything but Roon OS, server, and database. Any other programs, files, media, etc., get wiped during the install or update. And no one has a Roon database approaching 256 GB, so that capacity SSD should not become obsolete for ROCK use.


I stand corrected, Andrew. I was going for a little sarcasm in print, and it never works. My apologies.

Earnestly now, I am “overbuying” as I do most computer gear, and it has been a good strategy (for me). I think my setup should be large and flexible enough to endure a lot of changes.

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The 5tb Baracuda is a 15mm drive. I don’t think the stock NUC case can handle anything more then 9mm. You might be able to do some surgery but it’d make sure the NUC can power it first.

Whoops! Just read this on Intel site:

“I recently bought a nuc7i7bnh and tried to install a 4tb drive. But unfortunately it is true and do to its hight it doesn fit in the hdd tray. I am trying to acquire a spare hdd tray of this model to try and cut off the sides where the srews go into the harddrive. Perhaps it fits this way and I don´t have to dissambnle the whole NUC and buy another chassis. But I cannot find a spare tray. Can someone recommend me where to buy a spare hdd tray for nuc7i7bnh?”

So, looks like a failed experiment-to-be. Ah well… At least I’m helping the economy.

You could purchase a usb case and fit the disk into that?

…Which makes a very expensive external storage box. I looked into internal NUC drive prices and they were roughly twice the price/TB of external USB storage. I decided it wasn’t really worth it for just 2TB internal space.

I was suggesting something like this. so use could be made of the already purchased disk.

15MM high enclosures are a bit scarce, but I found one for US$22.00. Still, point taken. 4TBs externals are going for $99, this “mistake” will cost me $150. But my context is once paying $200 as I recall for a 20MB disk drive for the original macintosh. Thought I had purchased several lifetimes worth of storage!

Don’t give up hope. I know what those trays look like and I bet you can “fix” it with a Dremel tool or a hammer and pliers.

You’ll see.

Dremels… Hammers… Harddisks… What could go wrong? :grin:

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Heh heh. Well, if this is the worst mistake I make this week, it will be alright. Plus there’s my contribution to the economy. With my pending huge tax break, all that virtual cash is burning a hole in my pocket.