6 Ohm Passive Speaker + RasPi advice


I have 2 passive Monitor Audio RX1 (6 Ohm, RMS 80w output) stashed away and was now thinking about dusting them off and placing each one of them in 2 different rooms and controlling them via Roon.

In order to keep costs at a minimum I do not want to buy fancy amplifiers for them. So was I was wondering what I need to make sure of to get Roon to communicate with them? I saw that there are HATs for Raspi that allow me to power up speakers but I do not know which HAT and which raspi dac I should get for my speakers and for the intention to control it with Roon.

Do you guys have an advice?

Hi Kian,

I recently did this and it went fairly well in the end. I had a PMC centre speaker that I no longer used so decided to create a Roon Speaker out of it. I used a Pi and IQAudIO DigiAMP+

This has the DAC built in and I used Diet-Pi mainly because I was familiar with it from two previous builds. There is now a GUI version of Diet Pi or you can use an image downloaded from IQAudIO or Ropieee as alternatives. You can read about the issue I had at this thread, and how with the help of fellow Roonies I fixed them:

I sent a mono signal to the endpoint as the speaker has a split crossover. So one channel fed the tweeter and the other the woofer for a 30+30W active speaker.
Check this thread for how to send mono to the endpoint:

oh, thats a cool end-to-end instructions.

thanks. i will order the hardware and then follow it.


one thing I forgot to mention, make sure you have Headroom Adjustment activated in the DSP. I heard clipping at first and had to use -6dB of headroom to prevent it.