7 inch tablets

Oddly, My nexus 7’s are showing the same restrictions, which while on the smaller side are what I have around.

which nexus 7? the 2012 is pretty low resolution, and may not work – but the 2013 shouldnt be an issue… we do require 720dp, but @jeremiah is going to remove that restriction from the play store

Nexus 7 2013 is listed as incompatible for me.

yah, because it’s virtual resolution, post-DPI compensation, is less than 720dp.

We will run fine on it, but things will be very tiny and annoying. but that’s what you get with a 7" tablet. We are making a new build now that will have this limitation removed, so you can install it, and I’m pretty sure itll work, but it will be the full UI crammed into the 7 inch display. Hope you have a stylus because those are going to be some tiny tiny touch areas!

Nexus 7 2013 says the same. I assumed it was resolution and/or screen size related.

Thanks for the explanation. I’m shopping for a Nexus 9, really pricey for a minimal upgrade though. Access to the APK file would be great.

I’m not near a computer right now, but the new build should be on the play store by now… can you try to see if it works for your N7 2013?

The install works now. It’s definitely too cramped on the 7" screen as you mentioned, but it does work.

Is there any way of getting a remote not a remote client? I have roon running on a computer attached to stereo and tv. I would love to have an app on the amdroid phone I can use to do things like next track, previous track, pause, etc. More like a Roon 2nd screen experience.

Have you tried the Android app? It’s designed to be a remote as you describe, although the interface isn’t designed to be run on a phone yet.


I would live this too.

Come on @danny get your finger out. :smile:


Hrm… a very simple zone switcher/controller for phone? It’s not a bad idea…

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Would love to give it a spin on my note 3. But currently it won’t let me try it on the play store. If you have an app I could download and sideload, I’d be happy to give it a spin

Add in simple list based Artist > Album > Play navigation and you’re Basically done with the phone app, as far as I’m concerned. Laptop and tablet are great for the full, immersive Roon experience, but the phone is ideal for these times you just want to play something, pronto!


How’s this working on 7 inch tablets with the new builds?

Actually, I downloaded the apk you posted for the Amazon Fire tablet and installed it on my Note 3 It worked, kind of I attached it and could stream music to my phone via wifi and then out Bluetooth to stereo system 24/192 playback had issues though.

Must be nice, still can’t install it because google wont let me.


It worked on my Nexus7, but the UI elements are tiny (not unusably tiny, but annoyingly tiny). I was using my Nexus7 to stream to a BT speaker using Roon for a family get together today and it worked great (other than the UI being a hard to navigate due to the size).

Once the IOS app is baked, do you have any plans to support some sort of UI or element scaling for 7" tablets and phones?

yup. we’ll eventually get there.