7Digital downloads

I’ve just bought and downloaded Asia Gold (having an 80’s moment) and many of the tracks seem to be truncated part-way through. It’s a 16-bit FLAC.

I’ve attempted to download again, file by file, delete the album and reimport and still have the same issue.

It’s not the first time that I’ve had this - anyone else experienced this?


Hi Dave,
Not sure this helps, but I’ve downloaded a couple of albums from 7Digital without any issues.

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You might want to delete your browser cache to make sure you are clearing corrupted cached files.

Thanks, but the issue persists (even using a different browser)… as an experiment I thought I’d try to convert to Apple Lossless using dbPoweramp and I get the following error:

Error converting to Apple Lossless, ‘/Users/david/Downloads/Asia/Gold/Asia - 01. Heat Of The Moment.flac’ to ‘/Users/david/Downloads/Asia/Gold/Asia - 01. Heat Of The Moment.m4a’
Encountered ‘FLAC__STREAM_DECODER_READ_FRAME’ in FLAC File ‘/Users/david/Downloads/Asia/Gold/Asia - 01. Heat Of The Moment.flac’