8.4"-Tablet shows only phone-version in portrait-mode (Huawei Mediapad M3) [Resolved]

Until last week I run Roon-remote for Android on a Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 (SM-T705) and it was a pleasure.
The Samsung was recognized as a tablet and Roon looked good in landscape mode.

A few days ago I had to change the device and decided for an Huawei MediaPad M3 of the same format (8.4", 2560 x 1600 Pixel, octacore processor, 4 GB RAM).

Unfortunately on this device I only get a “poor” Portrait-Mode of Roon-Remote with restricted functionality (I am missíng the edit in album and track view an some more funcions).

Is this a bug or a feature? The model-number of my device is BTV-DL09 and yes, you can use it as a phone, but this was even the case with the Samsung. The display is perfect for use with roon but not this way.

Perhaps the developers can help with the next version?

Solved the problem!

there is a choice of display settings in system settings. You can choose small, medium or large.
probably this setting changes the logical resolution of the display. So small seems to be the right setting.

Roon looks and behaves like before.