9th month review / wishlist

This has been a really positive experience with this application.
My wish list: be able to use Focus to filter via beats per minute/tempo and have the
option of “BPM " Think of interval training and matching music to workout
2nd) Could you add a music visualizer for the ROC?
Your metadata is definitely robust, but sometimes a light show on an endpoint
that has a display (chrome cast) while the music is playing is pleasing.
3rd) Can you enable your interface to be copied and to be pasted into any other apps?
You’re not able to select and copy any words on the screen: If I wanted to make a
tag, playlist, or bookmark from the album review.
You have hyperlinks, but I can’t copy the words themselves. ( I’m a lazy typist.)

      In addition, Can you add that Option in the “File Option “  copy File Tag info- to paste in the default text editor or csv. See screenshot.

Can you explain how the Roon radio works, when the collection is not subscribed to any Services? Local only.
If I play an album / Playlist of Bob Marley and Roon Radio is turned on - - should it not go through the rest of the Bob Marley catalog, before moving on to other similar artists?

I’m running my core on Rock Intel Nuc i5 16Gb of ram and 2 HDs: 1Tb M.2 for the OS and 2 Tb ssd storage of Music. Connected to the network via Cat 6.
It runs like butter on a hot day. NO complaints there. Simple setup. Way easy access to the Music directory over the network.
Great interoperability with Sonos, iOS, Android, and Mac OS.
Using the DSP function, little learning curve. The real-time response of the Procedural EQ and DSP Profiles is sweet. A-B switch comparison is almost instant. I was having too much fun altering the soundscape of my sub $30 Bluetooth headphones which brought them up a level or two.

That said, I know my Rock system is not being stressed or pushed beyond its’ limits.
So adding a music visualizer and analyzing the beats per minute should not hinder a Rock system or Nucleus.

Thanks for your time. Be kind if this was the wrong place to post this.

I think your suggestions may get some votes and feedback, but i suggest you create two different Feature suggestions in that section of the community. They will have the voting system automatically applied and you can link them to this post, for context, should you want to.

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