A/B Testing ultraRendu vs opticalRendu

Did anyone do A/B testing?

How was the sonic difference (i know its subjective but still…)? Also do you recommend throwing another grand to buy optical over ultra?

This thread is talking about OR but does not have convincing/clear statement on A/B testing and does not call OR a clear win (Wow factor) over UR…

There is plenty of feedback here on the opticalRendu:

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Thanks @Jesus_Rodriguez
I swapped out my ultraRendu to get a opticalRendu and I cant see a big difference (yet). Infact ultra seemed a bit clearer in my setup.

My signal path: Roon Rock -> OpticalRendu -> Matrix -> PS Audio -> …

In opticalRendu i have set native DSD as the format.
All 3 switches (Dop, IIS reverse, MCLK) on matrix is set to OFF.

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Did you ever try take out the Matrix and contect the OpticalRendu to PS Audio through USB port. What I think is Matrix will do some signal treatment and it will effect the true taste of Rendu.