A couple of features from Touch PC I’m missing

I am a long time Sooloos user who has performed a successful migration. In order to replicate the experience I loved for so long, I have a touchscreen all-in-one computer performing the remote function for a core located outside the listening room.

A couple of things I miss from the Sooloos experience… The button on the upper right hand side that allowed you to turn the system off or put the display to sleep etc. without having to get out of the program. The second thing is to have an option to automatically go into the now playing screen, kind of like a screensaver.

Thank you for your consideration!

The Roon core is always on, unless you purposely shut it down outside of the controller app… eg, from the web interface (Nucleus and Rock) or close the core application on the host. Now playing is always shown at the bottom of the controller screen. Click the album art pic to expand it.

Thanks so much for your reply… I’m not looking to shut down the core, to just sleep the display on the computer I’m using to control the system. It was a feature on Sooloos that I found convenient, basically just a shortcut on the app itself to either sleep the display or shut down that computer being used as the control. As for the now playing, I just thought it might be convenient to have the option of automatically switching the display to that once you start playing music