A couple of questions…

I have 4 hard drive bays in my 5.1 Mac Pro core machine. I am wondering if there are any benefits to using several of the bays to hold parts of my music files. I will most likely use one bay for seasonal music and only insert it in December. I have my music split across three drives at present, would Roon prefer one big drive or are several of advantage somehow? It seems to work fine at present… but there is always a preferred method in the designers eyes.

My second query is regarding system memory. Does Roon only use up to 8 gig, regardless of how much one has in the system? The machine above has 48 gig in it, and I have no reason to use it elsewhere, so it stays in. If Roon has a ‘cap’ of some number, would Roon consider allowing the program to take advantage of available memory, when it is found?

Thank you.

The only part of your post that I can answer is as to RAM. Roon uses more RAM as the database grows, but to require more than 8 GB would take a huge database.

What is huge?

I don’t know the scaling numbers, but my Library is 257,012 Tracks (14,990 Albums) and Windows 10, Roon Server, HQ Player and a performance monitor use between 6-7GB of 8GB RAM.

So will it use 16GB or more if it is available?

If it needs it. But you would need a library many times larger than mine to need it

My only thoughts on multiple drives is more to go wrong and more to backup

I suppose the opposite is less wear and tear per drive

Roon simply sees “watched drives” so it doesn’t care where a file lives, it displays according to its own rules

Personally I use 1 x 4Tb internal to the PC then 2x USB drives for backup

The pc has other drives for Video, an Archive and a hack working drive

I have about 5k albums, 120k tracks Roon uses 3gb of the 16 normally

Hope this helps

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I’ve got roon hooked up to 12tb’s, around 220k tracks and it runs fine. I’ve thrown maybe 20 folders at it, no problems; using a laptop with only 8gb ram, i7.

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Thank Mike & Sallah for your insight and comments… I am just trying to figure out what will work best with what I have. And see if I need or can do better. Seems a lot harder to find some answers that others. I still have not learned if the 8gig is a hard cap or not, but will pursue further. It should be a simple answer.

Im not sure what you mean, Im using well over 8tb of music at the moment; across 3 x 4tb drives in one system and 8tb + 4tb in another. No problems. Snapshot here of my laptop drives:

So, yes roon can access well over 8tb.

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The answer as I understand it is no, there is no 8GB RAM “hard cap”, but the circumstances in which Roon would need or use more than 8GB of RAM are rare. Let’s flag @brian for clarification.

@andybob’s answer is spot on.


Sorry for muddying the waters. Thought we were talking about drive space. TBs. That’ll teach me not to skim read the OP.

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