A couple of Roon questions


I’m in the midth of organising my library in Roon and doing so, a few questions came up. Propably one of you can help me here:

  1. Is it possible to select more than just one song from an album list to add the same tag?

  2. How does Roon ignore a band-name’s article for sorting? I’d like to do the same with other countries band names and not only with English names. I do not want to get rid of the name’s article just for sorting, but it should be ignored. I haven’t found anything within the editing option. I tried the first name/last name field without success.

  3. How can I tell Roon not to divide an album into multiple CDs but show it in one list? I tried the editing option, but couldn’t find anything.

Thanks for any help!

  1. Yes. Long click on your first track, then short click on the desired others, then edit Tags (found on a newly appeared top ribbon).
  2. There are sort tags in your files. I access mine through a third party tagger, like mp3tag or Yate (mac)
  3. Hmmm. Well, explore Edit/Fix track Grouping. Use Disc numbers to separate into multiple discs.
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It should work, I believe. You may have to restart the core to see it in effect.

I don’t think that Roon uses sort tags.

As long as you have sort by last name set.

Hi John,

thanks for 1)! Haha! I found out about selecting multiple songs, but first didn’t see the ribbon on the top.


No 1) is solved, thanks to John!

2): I am familiar with tagging music files, but thought that Roon wouldn’t read them… (On Mac I prefer the programme kid3)

3): My music files are not tagged with disc numbers, etc. I always check the file’s metadata to get rid of such entries. It has something to do with Roon’s database that ignores my tags when it finds a “matching” item. It does this although I told Roon not to use its datbase but only my music files for reference…

2): Sorting tag within the album’s files don’t work. :frowning:

It would be way easier (I guess not only for me), if reading of more tags were supported in Roon.

  1. solved: I thought there was propably a general settings option for the whole library, but I understand now that this could lead to problems. So you only can do this disc by disc in the editing section.