A database of artists' pictures

There’s one thing i’m disappointed in Roon, most of all.
Artists pictures.
I mean, i cannot stand such things as
super bad quality images like

anyway, since i have roon… i am trying to polulate my library with decent pictures.
it’s not an easy task, also because of roon rules (pictures must be minimum 960 px width and 1.55 aspect ratio, to have a background image… seems done on purpose, as standard ratio you find over the internet is 1.5).
i have now something like 2000 primary artists pictures.

i can understand, maybe, that there are copyright problems for roon.
i don’t really want to enter this thing, even though roon’s supposed mission is this
while i think in a normal library you can get this

so, i’m wondering if it could be possible for roon users to … share the pictures.
something outside roon, … not automatic… a place where one could look for pictures.
or even automatic via an extension.
any ideas?


I agree with this would be good to have something set up official or not as struggled myself to try and get artist pictures to show to the correct rules and quite a few of mine still do not show correctly.

I agree, it can be tough to get decent images, particularly of bands which only existed for a short time.

I’ve made good progress though, with 45 out of 1339 left to sort out. They aren’t all good quality or best ratio, but at least the artist browser looks ok.

In terms of database, one idea would be to add images to the artist on Discogs, or MusicBrainz for example

… it could be a good idea!
…but it seems that there are copy restrictions in discos…

and music brainz does not have pictures…

Apols. I didnt realise it only had images for releases. I have added images to Discogs in the past though

While the thread title reads “artists’ pictures”, you’re sharing a pictures from the composer browser later on and not the artist browser.

As a matter of fact, composers that aren’t also performers are not persons of public interest in the same way as performers are. So the likelihood to find pictures for them is much, much, much smaller for such (only) composers.

For performers a user may find a picture easily, but keep in mind that pictures are usually copyright protected. Where it might be not a problem for an individual user to use such a picture he finds (fair use, private only use) for it’s own benefit, making such pictures available for others may quickly lead to problems with copyright owners. For individuals that want to fill the gaps in their library, google picture search and the likes offer already great services to do so.

sharing the composers page, i’ve been tricky, i know. but:

-in my primary artists page, i’ve already populated it with many pictures… so the example would have been non-realistic. i can tell you that out of 2100 primary artists in my library, i had to add manually 1500 pictures… and only less than 500 have in roon a decent picture…

-if i agree that composers’ pictures could be non-relevant (and so difficult to find), i think roon should do something to change the composers page, that’s now the ugliest possible…

-another point then is PERFORMERS. in fact, previous numbers are for primary artists only, but the problem with performers is the same: no picture. and in this case, i cannot share a screenshot because
roon does not have a performers page! this is a complete nonsense, as i’ve said in some other post… there is a performers database in roon… but you cannot see it. meaningless. and contraddicting what you were saying, that composers are “less important” than performers…
anyway, this is another topic…

about pictures: unfortunately, looking in google is not the same as looking in a collection of already selected pictures (with correct size and aspect ratio).
i understand the copy problem… i was just wondering

I created a thread on this same type of issue.

In the thread I had dialog with various people from Roon. Within the discussions I noted contradictions between staff members concerning the functionality of Roon…[which magnifies the issue]…also I showed how other products like Plex can get it right.

In addition I posted several methods to correct the issue. In the end it was buried and still goes unresolved.

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i had seen your posts.
but actually i do not use tidal, or qobuz. i guess that the “grey box” problem is even worse in my case…
but i’m not going to subscribe tidal just for pictures…

Sure, the grey box problem is persistent throughout the music library. I used Tidal as an example, but like others I too have grey boxes for my music collection.

Should be simple enough to share a folder on Google Drive that has public r/w access where folk can drop in their pics. Just need a naming standard

If you can follow strict rules, http://fanart.tv is a good db you can contribute to. We contribute to them and use some of their data as well.

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I use fanart.tv for a lot of my artist pictures, the thing I find with roon is that quite a lot of the pictures tend to be to big a ratio (all my pictures are 1920x1080), which as I say in a lot of cases is too big. What is the best size for pictures so they show correctly.

I too would like to see more artist photos.
For instance j _____r pulls up multiple artist photos from the internet while in Theater Mode. Its very cool. While playing the music selection these photos are continuously displayed until one switches artists then it starts fresh. These “free” photos are the same as if one had done a
Safari or other browser Search and then switched from WEB to IMAGES. I think these images are in the Public Domain and or just for viewing not copying in a SEARCH.
At any rate it seems it would be easy for ROON to do something similar and if needed build a filter that disallows any copy protected photos from being displayed if necessary thus making this feature an inexpensive and fun upgrade.
Then as with the Lyrics feature the images could be displayed on a large monitor for one’s viewing pleasure. I would think this could be built into ROON as one of the group of buttons that shows extra album info, links to Wikipedia, Lyrics, and other album extras.

Oh mighty Wizards of ROON, this would seem to make an easy Christmas present in our yearly upgrade!

Art Director is the solution to fixing all these issues once and for all.

This is coming once you all have told us about your favorite images in Art Director :slight_smile:

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