A definitive Tidal MQA list

Hi everybody, about an hour ago I posted this on the discovered MQA thread, but all I managed to do was clutter everything up and decided a new thread was a better idea.

Basically I’m running a little code against my streaming device which is connected to my Tidal account. This gives me access to the entire Masters catalog and all its metadata. I’ve been using the resulting list at home and sent it to a couple of friends, now that I’m sure it’s working properly, it’s time to share.

I’m aware of–and grateful for–the massive effort gone into the spreadsheet you’re all maintaining, and my hope is to save you all some work from now on. Here’s a pastebin link to the current catalog for US customers as of yesterday.


If someone across the pond wants to use my method to index their regional catalog, get in touch. I’ll update that link to the US one every week or so.


Thank you for sharing - it appears this lists only the albums that are actually in the “Masters” tab on the first page of the site.

There are hundreds (thousands?) on the site that are not in that section - can your code trawl for those, as well? That would be great!

Sorry have I missed something? This list is about 2000 albums shorter than the spreadsheet? There is an excellent tab that was called ‘The 2400’ but recently it changed to ‘The 2640+’

It appears to be bulk updated by an anonymous person for both the UK and US;

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If Tidal are releasing MQA versions of stuff in their catalog but not listing them all in the masters section, my code doesn’t handle that yet, and it’s not clear to me why they would have a masters section in the first place. It’s great news for MQA though. I’ll look into it. Thanks!

It sounds like I have to take a closer look at how the spreadsheet is organized. My script only targets the masters category. If Tidal’s MQA rollout really is that far along that’s awesome, and there might not be any need for a parallel effort if crowdsourcing is working that well.

Your data includes 3 Black Sabbath records as MQA. I can only get a compilation as MQA (The Ultimate Black Sabbath). Are there regional differences ?

Same here in Germany. The album Black Sabbath only 44.1/16.

Yes. My list was only for the US catalog, so you might not have them yet. I just confirmed that all 3 in my list are indeed MQA.

Appeared tonight

Phoenix - Bankrupt
Christine & The Queens - Chaleur Humaine
Jesus & The Mary Chain - Damage & Joy
Gorillaz - Plastic Beach
Gorillaz - Demon Days
Gorillaz - Gorillaz


Any Way to import these all into Roon?

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Is there a chance to create a publicly available Playlist ? You could update that remotely and it would be always up to date.