A feature I never used up until now

Funny how we all use Roon as some features don’t get used by some a lot by others and vice versa. Been a user for 4 years and have just discovered a new one for me. I tend to use my phone remote more than anything as it’s always at hand, so likely why I have never used it as it’s not on phone remote. So I realised whilst using it on my work laptop that I had ot explored the number that shows up next to tracks in albums that lists the number of recordings of that track that’s available to Roon. What a great feature for finding cover versions or different recordings of your favourite tracks.


I’m quite the opposite, only using a phone remote as a convenience when the ipad is upstairs or I’m not near desktop Roon on a PC or Mac. When I read about people complaining about the phone version of Roon I feel their pain, but it gets the job done for basic control.
Getting back on topic, the number of versions of songs can be quite overwhelming, especially all the old ‘standards’ that have been covered by everybody for the last 70+ years. It is both a benefit and a disadvantage of being connected to Tidal/Qobuz. A lot of the time, I would just be happy enough with Roon in ‘local’ mode.


It’s a great help especially as it splits Local and Global , so for classical you can quickly nip to all your Moonlight Sonata recordings in one click,

I use it mostly in classical

It’s a bit of a favourite feature for me but the supporting metadata is far from flawless. I’d still trust my listening experience over Roon for reggae versions/covers…