A feature request for Feature Requests

I think the way we request new features in the forum is sub-optimal. I suggest switching to something like what Spotify has on their forum. Each suggestion is its own topic. Users can up vote each suggestion and discuss it. The developers can update the status of individual features. Top requests are listed automatically.


That would be helpful. Something like this: https://meta.discourse.org/t/plugin-feature-voting-separated-from-likes/38772?u=joebuhlig

I think the other missing piece is a roadmap. I don’t need dates, or concrete delivery details, but it would be cool to know what’s potentially in the works, as
Long as everyone realizes that roadmaps change and features get cancelled.

Something like this on a smaller scale would alleviate repeated feature requests already foretold https://roadmap.dynamics.com


I think this should be revisited. Many iOS developments I’ve been in on have a similar thing with their user base (some limiting the amount of votes possible). A simple thumbs up/down will suffice, and it will go some way to eliminate the long conversations about the merits of some feature requests. When some are counter-intuitive, they’ll just be down voted, and when up voted, the devs can pay attention. My first port of call on this forum was to the feature requests, and yeah I’d vote on a bunch if I could.

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Guys- If you have not, please like my original post to draw attention to this topic.

bluhska- Totally agree.

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Would also like to see this as well and have “liked” the original post. Perhaps members of the forum get 3 votes, subscribers get 10, etc. The numbers aren’t important but it is important to give your customers a voice in that they can see progress being made in areas the community values.


I think “What Customers Want” is not necessarily a part of Roons Business plan. Looks to me like they actually enjoy driving this car and are not about to take detours at the passengers request.

Basically, you bought your ticket, now sit down, enjoy the ride and shut up.

That has not been my experience at all.

I would like a small player mode on my desktop. If I use Roon in my study on my Mac while working, it would be nice to have just a small interface that I can place anywhere on my desktop.
Am I the only one?

There is no feature requests anymore. It was changed to feature suggestions a few month ago.

No, you’re not the only one - there are a number of threads in the Feature Suggestions category with this request. You should Vote on at least one, e.g.