A few random questions while on trial

Hello, I’ve just started my Roon trial and been trying it for a few days. I’ve been poking around the knowledge base and found answers to most of my questions, but I have a few I’m hoping someone may be able to answer:

  • If I subscribe to Tidal, would those plays be synced back to Roon? Would I see them in my history?

  • It looks like there is no Apple TV app, but it looks like there a unofficial one. Is that accurate? Any plans by Roon to make an official remote app?

  • It looks like there is no comments or notes field at the album or track level. Is that correct or am I missing something?

  • Is there any way to add custom art to a playlist? It looks like it is making art based on the included tracks, but I could not find a way to override it with a custom image.

  • Is there any way to “reset” the database? I used a test directory of files to see how Roon would handle them and played with some of the attributes and metadata. I want to reset the database so I can re-add these files and treat them as new. I know I can delete the database, but I don’t want to lose settings, genre mappings, bookmarks, etc.

Thanks everyone. I’m really enjoying Roon so far.

Don’t know what Roon are planning or not. But the ‘unofficial’ AppleTV app works great.


with regard to your last question, you need to remove the files from the current test watched folder, or remove the folder from being watched in settings (think this is called ‘Remove’ but it doesn’t delete anything), then clean the database. This removes any setting in the database for those files, as Roon can no longer see them. Roon will keep this information otherwise in case you are just moving files somewhere else.

Settings>Storage - TestFoldername - 3 dots drop down menu - Remove
Settings>Library - Library Maintenance - Clean Up Library

Note that the above two operations work on the Roon Database contents only. They do not delete or touch your stored audio files in any way.

Comments and Notes are not one of Roon’s strong points. If you have the filetag ‘Comment’ in a track metadata, Roon will display this. In album or track view drop down the 3 dots menu on the right of a track:
View File Info > File Tags (top right) and the metadata Comment field will be shown.

Otherwise, you can put any comments in a PDF and include this in the album folder. Roon will make that available to view along with any other artwork in the album folder.

There is also some custom Roon metadata tags that can be used, ROONALBUMTAG and ROONTRACKTAG. See here for info:

Thanks @Anthony_B & @Bernd_Kurte!

If you are using Roon to play the albums or tracks from Tidal or Qobuz, these will appear in your History.


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I’m interpreting this to mean “If I use Tidal outside of Roon, will those plays be reflected in my Roon history?”

Not as far as I know. If you favorite/heart/like an album in the Tidal app on the desktop or mobile app, that album will be added to your Roon library via Tidal (same for Qobuz). Not sure about tracks or artists, I rarely favorite those in streaming services. Come back with more questions, we’ll always do our best!

Thanks @kneville!

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