A Halloween track for Brian

(Andrew Cox) #1

Some time ago, around this time of year, @brian described setting Roon to single track loop and happily listening to The Great Pumpkin Waltz over and over and over again:

Now while there can be no denying that it’s a special track, I think we all owe it to our friend Brian (and anyone else in earshot) to find him some other Halloween themed music this year. We know he likes jazz so that’s a good start, but all genres gratefully received.

The restriction is that it’s got to be a track you could happily listen to on repeat.

Here’s one I prepared earlier:

(Janne Johansson) #2

How about some folk:

(Andrew P) #3

I’m going to need a little more cowbell…






(Dick Vliek) #8

(Brian Luczkiewicz) #9

Aww, @andybob. Looking forward to listening to all of these. But for now…

(Andrew Cox) #10

That’s my favourite line in all Rock music:
“Little old lady got mutilated late last night”

I imagine after he wrote it Warren had a huge grin on his face.


The old lady also has a grin on her face. Oh no, wait, that’s another song :joy:

Spooky enough for Halloween though, in this context:


(Daniel Beyer) #12

My nomination is not really a single track but the 3 track sequence which all flow together to tell 1 story. “Years Ago, Steven, Awakening” from Welcome to my Nightmare by Alice Cooper.

(Dan Bode) #13

I have to go with my roots in Cleveland and order up I Put A Spell on You
By Screamin’ Jay Hawkins.