A 'lightening' sign at the right hand upper corner?


I am using the RoPieee with the touch screen as a display for Roon, worlds well. I just notice that there is a sign that looks like ‘lightening’ on the right hand upper corner, just wonder what does this mean, any idea?

I also enable the screen to ‘black out’ after the time out, but I have seen email discussion about screensaver (a clock?), how can I enable that? I am running the latest release.


The lightening bolt typically means that there is a power problem. Many people report success using a 3a power supply.

If you tap on the lower right of the screen, you can access display preferences, including whether to sleep to a blank screen or not.

Also, you can toggle the display itself style by tapping on the CD image.

I hope this helps.


Helped me, I totally forgot about the “settings” for the display. Have been wanting to switch to 12 hour mode for a while now. thanks, :slight_smile:

The basic pi power supply is rated at 2.5A and much less than that can result in the lightning bolt being displayed…while it might work with it displayed you can often have issues with things like corrupted sd cards or odd behavior depending on how marginal the voltage and current combination is.