A little help with "focus" feature for formats

Hi guys,
I’m having a deeper look into the interface regarding the focus (see attachment). I have a storage of CD tracks I converted years ago (mainly to AAC files) which I need a bit of clarification of how to use them. Will ROON read these files for it’s “Discover” content even if I want to omit them from the usual lists. Basically, I would like to rediscover some of my old stuff but listen to it in high quality format.

Any tips? Thanks, Tim

So you want to listen to versions of albums that you ripped at aac but via streaming at higher quality?

Yes basically. I know I can check the tab versions but is there any other way to automate it? It’s certainly not an issue but just curious if it’s possible.

Use Focus to set up multiple Bookmarks that will display albums having whatever attributes you want. Bookmarks automagically update when you add new material that fits the Bookmark’s criteria.

No you can’t automate this I am afraid. You can focus to find the aac files, but you will have to goto versions tab to switch to finding a lossless version on streaming. Focus doesn’t have a way to show stuff not in your library so jt can’t show you ones linked to those or auto discover them. But you can save this as a book mark to use again each time.

If you have Qobuz they did offer up recently a free time limited sub to Soundiiz that allows you to transfer music to a steaming service. You could then select all the albums via Focus, in the … menu near the play button you can export these as Soundiiz format csv file. You can then use this to import in to Qobuz via the Soundiiz webapp. If you have Tidal then you would need to pay for this, it’s on monthly sub so you can do it once then cancel. Done this a few times. If you have Qobuz then the option was available in their own app to transfer music to qobuz, but it might not be active any more and then you would need to pay for a month or subscribe to it it’s a good service, shame Roon don’t offer something like this themselves.

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Hello Tim

I think you would (almost) get what you want by using Focus on Duplicates.

As you can see I have 544 duplicate albums in My Library.

Of those duplicates only 25 albums are on Qobuz, all the rest is local storage
(in practice I have ripped my SACD collection, and I have added both the CDlayer and SACD layer (DSF format) to My local Library)

In principal (unless you manually override) Roon will make the album with the highest resolution the Primary Version

In my case, DSF files are the highest resolution compared to other albums in My Library , in your case AAC will be lower in resolution than Flac & Qobuz (and probably TIDAL ???)
So selecting an album to play will automatically select the highest resolution. In my case DSF format , in your case Flac (local & Qobuz & maybe Tidal)
3 examples :

Please note that in this 3rd example , I have manually set the DSD version as Primary, but still Roon will pick the highest resolution to play, in this case 192kHz/24bit
Assuming you have not added Tidal albums with lower resolution than AAC to your Library, you will automatically play the higher resolution for AAC albums with a Duplicate.

Next step you can take is selecting the AAC files that have no duplicate.
Unfortunately, you cannot double click on the Focus - Inspector - Duplicates to reverse it, so you need to make a few extra steps:

First select your AAC Duplicates (in my example I will use DSF):

I have now 225 albums.
I now Select All albums (top left)

Now add a new Tag to all selected albums, e.g. AAC No Duplicate

Please do NOT forget to save in the last step in order to apply the TAG to the albums.
You can check in ‘My Tags’ if the tag is correctly applied:

Now you can start all over (All albums) and Focus on this new TAG:

From here it really becomes a manual job if you want to check for higher resoluton versions in Qobuz/Tidal.
Just click on an album. The AAC album in My Mibrary will be presented, as well as any version available in Qobuz/Tidal. Pick the version that you like and Add to Library.
It will be set as Primary, and automaticaaly selected for playing as explained in the 1st part of this response.

I hope this is helpfull

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Thanks for the tips guys, really appreciated. I’m going to work through this today and will let you know how it goes. One of the reasons I use ROON is because of the enthousiatic and incredibly informative members here. So a big thank you!

Regards, Tim

I think the idea was to find albums in Tidal and Qobuz that he only has in his library currently as aac and he wants to replace them with hirghres versions from Qobuz and Tidal. You can’t use focus to find these as they don’t exist in the library you have to manually go to versions tab for each one and add them. Your example works fine if they have already been added to your library which they have not here. He wants a way to find and add them of which Roon has no automated way of showing you an equivalent in steaming if it’s not added all ready.

But his AAC albums are in his Library.

I agree that for the AAC albums without duplicate, it is a manual process as explained in the 2nd part of my response.
But putting the duplicates aside may (or may not) make the manual effort a little smaller.
All depends on his Library.