A little praise for ROON from an old audiophile

I am a ROON user for 4 months now. I heard from this software about
3 years ago. But to give out my credit card information before trial made me hesitate. But better late then never…

My audiophile journey began during the 80s. From Vinyl and tape over CD til 1998. That was my starting point into computer HiFi. So i ripped all my than 2000 cd’s into mp3 (yes, a big mistake). And metadata was rare and not very reliable. But after i was done, it was great.

Windows Media Player came first, then iTunes for a long time. In 2007 i ripped everything again, now to a lossless format. A Mac plus Bitperfect, this was the “audiophile” moment. My Accuphase cd-player become quite obsolete.

In 2012 i discovered Audirvana. A Macbook and a Auralic Vega dac…
I really thought that this was the pinnacle.

What ROON offers is such a leap forward in so many way. Not only did i rediscovered many albums, i found more new great music in 4 months than in the last 4 years.

Multiroom, great sound quality, seamless Tidal/Qobuz integration and a user interface that is intuitive and complex at the same time. Even my wife likes it a lot. And that is high praise, believe me.

I hope that more companies will make their devices ROON ready in the future.

Thanks to the ROON team for a great piece of software.


You should have bought a AudioQuest Dragonfly …

60 day demo no CC , I paid long before it expired – Welcome to the Cruise :heart_eyes:

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Nice comments. I had a similar experience. Into “Hi-Fi” since my teens. Went from a well used Leak valve amp which I acquired in lieu of payment for work done which I used with only one 10" speaker to an integrated B&O system. That went when when we emigrated to Aus in 76’. Started from scratch again and journeyed through to whole vinyl era into the CD era and at some point realised there wasn’t much music about anymore that interested me. So occasionally listened to FM/DAB then iTunes. Then my trusty Luxman 58A had a stroke one day and then had to hunt around to find a tech capable and interested in undertaking a repair. Being without a decent system for several weeks/months placed me back in the market again and it’s been a very interesting and expensive journey which has involved replacing every component and cable in my system. While replacing and upgrading I came across Tidal then Roon and finally Qobuz and importantly for me, rediscovered contemporary Jazz. Roon for me has been the platform that has pulled all the various parts together and made the whole thing an incredibly rewarding experience. I spend more time listening to music now than I do watching TV/Netflix etc. First thing I do in the morning is turn my music on and it plays pretty much all day long. Discovering new music, thanks in many ways to fellow “Roonies” if I can use that term, has been and continues to be a great experience. Sure Roon is not perfect but I’ve yet to find any alternative that would come close to achieving what Roon does. Happy listening.


Yeah, similar experience here also. I’ve found that using mini PC’s with linear power supplies work extremely well for me. A Raspberry Pi4B with RoPieee is marginally better sounding though not worth the loss in flexibility to me. I was able to make other large improvements elsewhere with networking anyway which more than made up for it.

I am also an old audiophile. I have tried quite a few of the alternatives. It was a journey to get it setup but bar none, ROON is a game changer. The way it handles the signal pathway is superlative and the connections shown between the music and players etc is amazing. LOVE IT


Congrats on stepping up To Roon. We all know how upgrading equipment, cables, etc… can take some time and effort to get right for each persons listening expectations. I will say that when Roon rolled out a major software update earlier this year my system came together in an unexpected positive way. Can’t explain why or what they did in the update, however I know my system and it made a nice difference. Roon is a super sweet interface. I’m not much interested in saving a library to a hard drive or server as I have a lifetime subscription, so I can stream whatever my heat desires and that works best for me. I did build my own NUC and love that as place for the core to live comfortable.

I ripped about 1,000 CD’s to WMA lossless files via Microsoft Zune software over a decade or so. When they pulled the plug on Zune, I started using iRiver to rip CD’s in FLAC format. I paid $60 for dbPowerAmp software and with that in one weekend I converted all of my WMA music files to FLAC.

Roon has made it easy and pleasant to play my music as well as integrate with Tidal for even more flexibility. I bought the perpetual software two years ago and have never regretted that.

Thank you to the Roon team for continuing to support this wonderful platform!

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