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Our ears and listening room affect the accuracy of sound reproduction but don’t change from album to album. Recordings do. Some of my favorite performances on RCA Living Stereo are on the bright side. A few albums are bass heavy. Others need mid-range correction. Precious few need no correction. Among them the 1960’s Mercury Living Presence recordings.

Changing equalizations is easy but inconvenient. Sometimes the changes needed are quite small but make a big difference in reproduction accuracy.

How awesome would it be if Roon could provide the ability to save equalization settings at the album or track level! I doubt if coding this feature would be a trivial matter, but it surely would further distinguish a product that is already more than capable.

Now, I would feel a fool if Roon already has that capability, but I’d be a happy fool.


paging @miguelito

There have been several feature request asking for this over the years.

Ha! Yes… Would love such feature. I think architecturally it is hard for Roon to do as I think all DSP is tied to the endpoint. Conceptually you would want such parametric EQ to be tied to the track and applied before the endpoint so that it applies equally to all endpoints.

Personally I think an extra “overall” parametric EQ would make a lot of sense followed by the endpoint-specific DSP, but that is nonetheless a substantial architecture change/addition. This is all speculation on my part but I think I am correct.

Sounds like we need a custom Endpoint that has an API to feedback the parametrics to the db.

Thanks, everyone. I’m glad at least a few users would find retrieval of album-specific equalization useful. I feel a little odd wanting such a capability when Roon already surpasses expectations in so many ways but that’s how an exceptional product becomes irresistible and leads innovation.

I can’t sing or play an instrument - perhaps I’ll be gifted that way in my next life. All I can do is appreciate music and be moved by it. The ability to easily tweak a track without discernible distortion to what sounds the most realistic to my ears is one of the things I most appreciate about Roon.

I’m spoiled by having attended thousands of concerts of all kinds in all venues. I can’t do that anymore so listening to music at home with a good system is very important. At the risk of over-praising, Roon has become my instrument to play.

I requested the very same when I first started using Roon. It would be a very useful feature.

Good to see a kindred spirit.

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