A newbie roon journey for mac users - Airport Express

I just thought I’d share my journey, in case it’s of use to new others, particularly mac users and digital, read ‘net reviews’ endlessly and obsessively fan boys.

In short, I couldn’t get roon to be stable. Liked it, but the drop outs and frustrations of set up descriptions for a non-techy to get effective support was frustrating. I couldn’t understand why I had to have a core and then lots of wires to get it to work well.

What got me to stable roon?

Getting rid of Airport Express and swapping to a mesh router for the house (I was always a long way from the actual router) - bingo, roon as I imagined it to be. Very happy.

I’ve also been an idiot in other ways. I bought boxes and cables and boxes and cables, and more. Chase, chase. But my cds were ripped 10 years ago when I couldn’t afford hard drive space for lossless, so the quality isn’t there, so it’s Tidal only. I’ve sold the vortexbox nova, the s/h sms-200 with the power supply, the switches, routers and extra cables - usb, ethernet, optical, I’ve sold the replacement sms-200 Ultra with new power supply and USB regenerator.

What have I got?

Roon on my macbook pro, Kef ls50 wireless on s/h stands and some good s/h power leads and that’s it. The sound is something seriously special and I finally like roon in the way I wanted to from the start. Mission over.


I had had Apple wifi kit in the house for a long time and it became pretty flaky as my in-home needs evolved and my (3) kids really started hammering things as well. After a brief switch out for some Netgear and Asus routers I ended up with Google Wifi and the mesh solved all our issues. We have over 60 devices connected most of the time and it’s remarkably stable. My Roon server is admittedly hardwired now as is my main listening end point (Bluesound Node 2) but even the wifi through the house is super solid for streaming - especially with the server wired.