A NUC alternative

I’ve upgraded my core (on Windows) to a similar machine, made by Lenovo, but using a one-generation newer cpu for not that much more money (when on sale, which it has been of late!). Runs Roon amazingly well, even though it is simultaneously doing other low-level tasks:

Yeah, I think one could get a NUC for around the same price.

Wondering if either one of these would run ROCK

I run Ryzen on my main machine.

I looked into a NUC and going the Rock route (still might at some point), but 1) I needed a new desktop and 2) a comparable NUC was a lot more money than this Lenovo was on sale

Talk about serendipity: just after posting the above, the ServeTheHome folks posted a review of the NUC11i5 and ended by comparing it to the Ryzen Lenovo m75 Tiny G2 I mentioned!

Currently running Rock on a fanless LattePanda Alpha 864. The emmc on the single board pc is running windows 10. Added a nvme ssd for booting Rock as a second OS. The music and backups of the Roon library are on my Synology NAS.

I used an HP 800 G2 DM with an i7 processor off of ebay. You could use a G4 or G5.

I added an m.2 drive for the OS and an ssd for Roon backup. Music is on a usb 3 external hard drive.

You can load any OS, I used Windows Server 2019 off of ebay ($10).

Runs great, computer is silient.

Are you running Roon Core on the HP?

Yes, running for 4 years. And still runnning.