A number of cds are missing

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A number of my albums are simply not shown in Roon, but are accessible in JRiver Media Center. I have indicated which ones in yellow (this is just from my Shostakovich collection, but the problem is ubiquitous.

Have you made any edits to this content in Roon?


Is the album identified in Roon?


Is this content from local files, TIDAL, or Qobuz?


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I hope the screenshots work - and that you can give me some good advice!

I am puzzled by the lack of response to my Feb 15 post. Please advise!

I assume that each folder represents a complete album and you haven’t created folders for individual works or collections of works?

I notice that you have a folder “Shostakovich Symphonies Nos. 2 & 15 - Liverpool - Petrenko”. This album is certainly known to Roon, so I’m not sure why it would not be identified. Perhaps Roon is being thrown off the scent by your metadata for that album?

Roon has now found this album. But most of the yellowed albums are still not found. What does the metadata need to be in order for Roon to find the album - I can edit the metadata with tools I have.

Did it just show up?

What is your reason for choosing to “Prefer file” for some of the metadata fields? You could try setting those to “Prefer Roon” and see if it picks up the missing albums…

I changed all preferences to Roon - it made no difference.

Please give more details of your Roon setup - e.g. what the Core is running on and where your Watched Folders are. Thanks.

My Core is running on a NUC 12 Pro Mini WSH. My watched folders or on my NAS - some are accessed by Roon, some not, but all show up via JRiver Media Center…

The term “Watched Folder” in Roon means the root folder, which will have a hierarchy of sub-folders within it. Do you mean that you have just one Watched folder defined in Roon, something like \\nas-home\Musikk ?

Looking at your screenshots again, I see that you have a folder titled
Stravinksky Capriccio Shostakovitch PC 1 Ogdon ASMF Marriner-FLAC-352k-24b

Is this the original Argo release that you have ripped, or is it disc 4 of the Decca re-release boxset that was released in 2011? Because that boxset is definitely known to Roon.

I think this is the original Argo release.
But to illustrate: I have all of the Shostakovich symphonies conducted by Haitink, downloaded in one package.

Strangely, only the following appear on Roon:
1,3,4,5,11,14,15 are missing

This is extremely puzzling to me, as I would have thought that the same metadata would be included on all of them…

Here is a screenshot of the Stravinsky/Shostakovich you referred to:

That Shostakovitch 9 seems to have some very odd metadata - the track numbers are either missing or don’t match the sequence of the movements…

And for the Stravinsky/Shostakovitch album, the artist metadata fields are not following standard formats.

I suspect that your current metadata is confusing Roon…

Please check out this article:

Yes, I agree that some of the albums may have strange metadata, but surely this does not explain the strangeness of the Haitink symphonies, so something else must also be going on.

Sorry, but I’m sure it is a combination of the metadata and the fact that you seem to have rearranged the downloads by splitting each symphony into its own folder. If I look at the 11 CD release, the symphonies are arranged differently across the CDs.

Yes, that seems to be a likely explanation. So how do I get back to where Roon wants this to be? And can you recommend a good metadata editor so that I can manually re-edit the metadata of the missing cds to Roon’s liking?

So what was the source of these recordings in the first place? Do you have the boxset and ripped it, or was it a download?

The Haitinks were downloaded, as was the Ogden (Hi Definition Tape Transfer).

Right, so it would appear that HDTT make their own organisation of material - they do not make a straight correlation with album releases.

So then you have major work ahead of you if you want to use this material in Roon. Roon recognises album releases. If it can’t make a match with a known album or box set, it will fall back to relying on the metadata in the files, and group files in a folder into an unidentified (by Roon) “album”. In this situation, you need to have very good metadata if Roon is to make connections with artists (performers), composers and compositions.

So for example in the Stravinsky/Shostakovich album, your current artist field has “Ogdon, Wilbraham, ASMF - Marriner”. Roon won’t recognise this, you would need to have “John Ogdon, John Wilbraham, Academy of St Martin in the fields, Neville Marriner” as the metadata for Roon to make the necessary connections in your database.

You asked for recommendations for a metadata editor. A simple, but good, editor that many in the forum use is Mp3tag. There’s also Songkong, which uses acoustic matching to identify files. That may produce better results for less work from you for your collection. The developer of SongKong is active on the forum.

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