A Preferred Demonstration Cut From Your Library

When I show my system to my kids (I have dozens of them and actually like a few), I have a favorite cut that I play.

Interestingly, there is a YouTube that attempts to show the difference between vinyl and open reel, and that demo uses the same cut.*

Years ago, when I had a turntable, it was the cut from SuperTramp’s School from “Crime of the Century” played back then on Mobile Fidelity.

*Currently it is “So Far Away” from Dire Straits “Brothers In Arms” which I have on a SHM SACD.


I still use Crime of the Century track itself, the piano in it is key to my ears.


How does your wife feels abou that?


I can see where that would be a great example of a system. I liked the transients of “School”, but I like most of the album itself. Rock had entered a creative phase where entire albums were valued rather than a compilation of discrete songs. Concept albums were great.

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I have 572 tracks that I call demo worthy. But in the Dire Straits category, I think this is the one I prefer to play over all others:

Here’s a brand new one from today!


So, this would be one of your demo cuts to show your system to others?

I would put on The Who Quadrophina, today’s young people can’t hold themselves still thru a 5 min track, take the mobile phone away as well. They will start talking around the 2 min mark. I’ve pretty much given up on the demo thing.

Ask them what they would like to hear

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Yes it would. It’s pretty wonderful sounding, even though it’s possibly pretty brick walled in places.

Promise to listen in the morning. It is great to have a track (or tracks) that you know well and can use to determine whether the changes you have made are good choices.