A question about Naim's filter for those who may understand

The following appeared in the HI-Fi News review of the Naim uniti nova

Can it be extrapolated from the information what HQP filter would be similar to Naim’s in house one?


There’s an error in that original text, because the filter is clearly a minimum-phase one, not linear-phase.

Maybe poly-sinc-short-mp is closest…

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Here’s the other piece referenced above

what dither would you suggest in HQP, 60th order roll off is mentioned?



All the rest is irrelevant and more about analog side. You can get started with TPDF if you output as PCM, or better still ASDM7 (or ASDM5) as modulator if you output as DSD.

Also “60th order roll off” is pretty irrelevant and strange in connection to digital filters.

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