A question before buying Microrendu

If i order the MR now , am i getting the 1.4 or 1.3 ? Also which OS is it going to come with? 2.6 or 2.5 ?

I am new to Sonore’s offerings and could not find anything on their site regarding this information. Thank you.

New? If so 1.3 the 2.5 to 2.6 is a free Download update, If used then you will need to ask?

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Best to get the direct answer straight from the source.

Jesus is Sonore, and Andrew (agillis) is Small Green Computer. Both are easy to deal with.

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I thought they were all 1.3 for new ones. And if there were any 1.4 upgrades around you could then pay for the upgrade. The whole “why don’t the new MicroRendu come as 1.4” was the basis of some tirade on one of the audiophile forums sites, CA maybe?

All microRendu are sold with the original design which is a 1.3 hardware board. There are no 1.4 hardware upgrades left and no plan to repeat the upgrade at this time.

Thank you for informing. In that case i will look for a used 1.4.

Consider an ultraRendu as well.

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My apologies for misleading, Post corrected.

I have the microrendu ultradigital combo. Awesome stuff.

Love the ultra Rendu! What a difference it makes to my SQ. WOrth every penny.

Does this combo work with Roon?

Yes. The microrendu will output on its own via USB (input via ethenet cable). The ultradigital splits the microrendu USB out, and the sends I2s over HDMI and SPDIF coax to your components. Either combination works will Roon. The microrendu is Roon Ready. If you have HQ Player, it will work with the microrendu in NAA mode as well.