A Question for Classies

[long winded; hang in there]
I have as a “modest” goal to have every classical composition in my library linked to metadata, to the extent available.

I’m talking about the many (numerous?) compositions that survive the album ID process un-IDed, even after adjusting for the “wrong” album version phenomenon.

I’m using the presence of a Composition Date as proof positive of its linkage. I’ve found there are only a few linkable compositions that don’t have Dates. (I used to use the album icon, but that is not as reliable anymore.)

Then I check that the composition has been tagged with the correct canonical name a la Allmusic: a lengthy process itself.

Then, if the Comp. Date still doesn’t appear, it must mean I don’t have an “exemplar” in my Library (you know, a legitimate composition). So then, I import the dozens of album that have said exemplars, obtain linkage, then delete them. Repeat seemingly forever.

So, my long-winded question is: is there a better way?

I often used this “trick”, but countrary to what you seem to imply, I also found that if I delete the imported “examplar” that made a composition correctly identify, then after some time and/or a reboot of the Roon core, the composition go un-identified again. The only sure way I found to “ignore” anotherwise uninteresting “examplar” is to hide it through the Settings pane.

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Wow! Great info! Thanks a lot. But now the deed is done. Oh well, something to do next quarter.