A Question on Migrating to ROCK

I wonder if this has been explained somewhere but I’d like a quick answer to a simple question.

I have successfully set up a NUC ROCK core and am about to move the original Roon core (MacPro) to NUC. I am specifically referring to “Step 2: Restore Your Database” in the “Migrating to ROCK” instructions.

My RoonBackups folder is stored in a network hard disk. I launch Roon on a remote machine, and execute “Restore A Backup” there. My understanding is that restoring a backup means that the “Roon” folder is copied onto NUC (in “Data” folder somewhere). How does Roon running on the remote know that the restoration is copied onto NUC? From the instructions, I only see a step to locate the RoonBackups folder, but not a step to locate the destination of restoration.

The core you are restoring to is the one you are are connected to. The source is the location of previous backup. This could also be on an external usb drive or usb stick depending on where you created the backup.

That is the question. In the restoration process, where do I designate “the core I am restoring to” to be the ROCK core? Is it by default so long as ROCK core is running on my network? Note that at this point I’m still running Roon on a remote as I cannot run Roon app on ROCK core.

What he said. Roon isn’t running on the Remote as such. A remote just give you (remote) control of a Core.

Did you connect to the ROCK core when you started your remote? To be sure look in settings to see the core you are controlling. If you are still connected to your old core you can disconnect from it in settings and connect to the ROCK core.

If you are connected to your ROCK core anything you do,like restore backup for instance, will go to the correct place on the ROCK.

If you have 2 cores running when you connect to the new other core will allow you to migrate the active lic to the new core.

Now I see where the chicken-and-egg problem is. In the “ROCK Installation Guide”, “7. Using ROCK”, bullet #3 should be done before #2. That is, on launching Roon app on a remote, I must choose the ROCK core first, and then restore backup. This explanation should be made clear in the instructions, especially the “Migrating to ROCK” part (#2, 2nd bullet, add “choose ROCK core”).

Problem solved.

@support I’m sure someone can check that in the guide and make amendments as required.

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Thanks @hgim82 – edits made.

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I agree that section needs some wordsmithing to make it more of a clear set-by-step rather than the way it is now.

Something like this maybe?
7. Using ROCK
• Start Roon Remote or Roon
• If this is your first time starting ROON you will need to connect to ROCK by selecting it from the “Choose Your Core” screen.
• If you’ve already used Roon before and are not presented with the option to connect to ROCK core. Go to Settings and check to see which core is active. If your previous Core is connected click “Disconnect” in Settings and then “Connect’ next to the ROCK core on the “Choose Your Roon Core” screen.

• You will probably want to migrate your Roon database to ROCK. You can find information about migrating your database to ROCK here


IIRC you also need to transfer /activate the license on the new core.