A question to hearing-aides wearers

Do you have issues with SQ since using hearing aides? I do encounter metallic SQ in the trebles and have not been able to correct them. I am using x-cross convolution filters from HAF, already overhauled by Thierry with some, but minor effect. Additional attempts with high shelf/or low pass parametric filters are also somewhat helpful in the 3 - 6 khz range, but not entirely satisfactory when comparing SQ with headphones / without hearing aids to my Genelec speakers with hearing aides. My wife with unimpaired hearing has no issues. Seeing my hearing care professional made then problem worse, so I had to revert the changes made. Anyone else dealing with similar problems?

I’ve been wearing aids for 15+ years. Newer aids have better specs and often have music programs. Make sure you have the highest tolerance for input spl without distortion, widest frequency range, lowest input noise. Have all digital processing disabled or minimized, particular feedback management and dynamic range compression. Open fit if possible.

Create this program separate from your everyday program.

If your loss is very severe, you will have some difficulty as the ratio of h/a processed sound to natural sound will be higher. And you will have limits to degree of open fit and feedback processing reduction. My loss is pretty severe, but I’m still managing with the above recommendations.

A great forum for h/a wearers: https://forum.hearingtracker.com/.

HTH …Pete


I have same problem, just need to find some hearing aids designed for and with music in mind

Helpful suggestion,greatly appreciated. With the specific points you listed in mind, I will see my hearing care professional again.

I suggest visiting the forum I linked and search for “music”. And/or post there with your question. Lots of users and a number of audiologists on that forum.