A quick poll on whether Roon should include a theme editor

The title pretty much speaks for itself.

A theme editor should be included within Roon
  • 1 - Definitely, and it should be able create themes that can be used with every control device (desktop, tablet, etc).
  • 2 - Definitely, but just for the desktop version of Roon.
  • 3 - Possibly, this might be interesting.
  • 4 - Couldn’t care less.
  • 5 - Definitely not, Roon nailed it with version 1.8

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  1. No, but I wish that Roon had a third, high contrast theme for the visually challenged…
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If only I had a theme editor handy - I’d be able to create one for you :wink:

More seriously, if you’d like a higher contrast replacement for either of the stock themes let me know and I’ll put one together for you.

You could, but I’d much rather it was done once by Roon Labs for everybody as a standard offering…

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I don’t care for an editor, but being able to choose between a number of predefined colour schemes would be nice. Like selecting the light or dark theme, but a bit more elaborate.


Yep, I agree. Actually, what I’d like to see is twofold.

A theme editor that everyone can use to create themes to their own taste.

A repository of downloadable user-created themes that can be easily integrated into Roon. This would need to be curated by Roon, but users could submit their themes for approvable and, assuming they’re not rejected, these could then be installed.

In which case, I think my suggestion would work well for you. There would be no need for you to generate the themes, but you would have the option to download and install alternatives.


So I’ll go for option 7 - move the resources out of the desktop folder (and out the app package in the case of a Mac) onto the core. So all endpoints - mobile etc - can use the customised theme and have an easy upload in settings (ala convolution filters upload).


Your option 7 is what I meant with my option 1, i.e. store the themes in the core but edit them with the desktop control app. Apologies if it wasn’t clear.

Mike is saying they don’t have plans for a theme editor - so this is 1, but in the absence of a theme editor. It needs some ground work from them and hopefully if they aren’t going to provide a theme editor they would provide that.

Should Roon provide a theme editor? They aren’t going to “imminently”.
Should customised themes be accessible by all remote devices and have the ability for new themes to be uploaded? Yes.

Sorry, me being dense, you were responding to the not about Roon not planning on offering this.

Yep, that makes perfect sense. However, I suspect the coding required to provide this functionality would probably be no more difficult than coding it into the core and modifying the various control apps accordingly. In fact, this would probably be the simpler option of the two as all the control app would need to do is phone home to grab a theme.

Either way, hopefully Roon will add something … at some point.

Does the committee think we need to be able to create and/or select themes on an individual profile and control point basis?

At the moment you can select different themes on different devices, so yes for that one.

In terms of profiles: I don’t use them, but I guess it would be useful/desirable if every profile could be assigned its own theme.

Yes you can - but some of the posts earlier were leaning towards locating the themes on the core, which would make life harder. Unfortunately I’m on an iPad, so for the time being I’m stuffed…

I think there’s some confusion here, which I probably haven’t helped with. I would suggest that themes are stored in the core, but available to all devices, i.e. you pick a theme on a particular device (iPad, tablet, etc), which is then grabbed from the core and applied. Does that make sense?

You could also set it up so any device could edit a theme. At the moment it makes sense to use a computer to do this, but if a touch friendly theme editor could be developed there’s no reason why it couldn’t be available on any control device.


Makes sense… :slightly_smiling_face:

I suspect actually implementing it is less straightforward… :wink:

Yeah, it would take some work, but every device can currently pick between two themes ( stored locally). I don’t think it would be that hard to centralise the storage and increase the number of choices.

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I think the easiest thing rather than a theme editor would be for Roon to offer more than just light and dark theme options. Four or five should give a fair choice.


Yep, that would probably help, but if that happens there will be a lot of upset theme developers in the Roon community, myself included (well, maybe not a lot, but some at least) :wink:

Understood but you could still do your tinkering for your own custom themes unless Roon changes the whole structure of how it is currently working.

What is needed though is something that works across all devices like the current light and dark theme does. Just being able to change the themes on a desktop or laptop is not much use to me.

Does not seem like adding a few more themes across all devices should be too big an effort for Roon a lot less than developing a theme editor that works on all devices I would guess.

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