A Roon bridge/DietPi trap for the too clever (or lazy)

Don’t do this -

  1. Set up a DietPi with Roon bridge - OK
    Assign a static IP - OK
  2. Backup DietPi using PiCopier (a program to copy RPi OS) - OK
  3. Restore DietPI to new PI using PiFiller (reverse of PiCopier) - OK
    Assign a new static IP - OK
  4. Expect to access both Pi, at the same time, as endpoints - NFG

All sorts of weird things happen, too many and varied to go into, but none will be what you want. Evidently when Roon bridge is installed it copies machine specific info, probably MAC address (?), that can’t be successfully copied to another Pi.

I say this because the only way I could resolve the problems was to start a fresh install for each RPi.

You’ve been warned. :slight_smile:

It creates a UniqueID which is stored at the server level. So if you cloned it, your server is seeing all endpoints with the same UniqueID. This also applies to copying RoonServers as well.

You could always just re-install the roon bridge on the RP (the cloned one of course)i, (I am pretty sure you can just run a re-install since it uninstalls), this saving many steps…but I have not tried this.

Yeah, I misspoke in my original post.

I did end up simply de-installing/reinstalling Roon bridge.

Good catch.

I was more wondering than correcting, but I am glad it works. I didn’t know about the PiCopier and PiFiller apps, so thanks for that tip!