A Roon installation tutorial in French

I have published (in French unfortunately) a tutorial describing the installation of Roon with ROON Rock as server and a RPI4 with Ropiee as player.

I will publish a follow up presenting more advanced functions of Roon.

I am gradually becoming fairly addict to this software…




Google translate does a good job. Good article.

Roon is software that allows you to manage a library of music files, stored locally on your computer’s hard drive, or on a network drive often called NAS (Network Area Storage). It allows you to manage access to files from online platforms in the same way as Qobuz, Tidal or Spotify. Finally, it allows in the same interface to access all the radios that broadcast on the Internet.

Merci! Ça aidera les français qui parlent pas anglais à se mettre à Roon.
Thanks it will help French that does not speak English to get to Roon easier

Bravo Dominique

Bon article, merci Dominique !