A simple way to copy to clipboard current artist playing?

Hi all. anyone know of a simple way to copy the current playing artist to the system clipboard (im on mac)

maybe something in AS/JS/other i can then bind to a key on the mac



Sorry can’t be done. It’s a common feature request but the way Roon displays graphics doesn’t allow copy/paste. The trade off allows Roon graphics to scroll quickly. Try scrolling with competing products like JRiver and you’ll see the difference.

i see

thx @David_Gibson for your answer

best regards


You just have to use Roons inbuilt share feature on the album or artist of choice for this and use the copy link option.

thx @CrystalGipsy !

can you share an example? is there a key bind option or programatic way to do so?



You can’t clip anything it’s not text it’s rendered through a game engine so it’s just graphics.
The share is shown here