A Skin For Roon ;)

guys i make a skin for roon hope you like
needs more works, but im in a good road! :wink:


I love Roons neutral colour palette. The red is far too shouty for me sorry.

its ok its not for everyones taste my friend

Very curious: How to do that?

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Manipulating the theme settings; as far as I know it will not really work for mobile devices. Well, maybe there’s a way on jailbroken / rooted devices. It works sufficiently well on desktops = Win and macOS. But any changes made won’t stick after updates. And it’s, to put it mildly, not too easy to achieve pleasing results. At times, it’s just not possible, I’m afraid. But then Roon doesn’t really want us to play with this kind of stuff, else there would be a theme editor… :sunglasses: