A subscription for two cores

Hello guys,
I have a Nucleus+ at home that works like a dream.
In my office, I have an Imac that could be used as a core when I stay there. My question is: If I keep switching from one core to another every day, can be a problem?
At first I think it would not be a problem, but I would like someone who had or would be having this experience to share.
Thank you all

No, only if you want to carry over changes from one Roon library to the other.

Then not a problem so much as a PITA.

You could occasionally do a backup and restore to keep them somewhat in sync.

I don’t know if this is true as I don’t have 2 licenses. But at one point it was posted that you cannot restore from one license to a core with a different license. That would make 2 core licenses worse than one at a time as they cannot be synced up. It would be helpful to know if that is actually true…

Licenses, and so backups too, are bound to the Roon account (e-mail address). One can have more than one license per account and thus use backups to keep different cores in sync (sort of – read the posts above).

It seems foolish to pay for more than one Roon account unless you want to use more than one account at the same time.

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You don’t pay for accounts, you pay for licenses. You don’t need more than one license as long as you don’t use more than one Core at the same time. See also: How many licenses do I need?

So if you don’t have more than one license because you don’t need them, the backup/restore – even on more than one Core – isn’t a problem as there is only one license and therefore also only one account.

But for example when you have family at home that should be able to use Roon while you’re away and using a laptop running it’s own Roon Core then you need two licenses. If you want to be able to use backups from your Core at home to sync changes (Edits, Playlists, …) to your laptop then both licenses should belong to the same account.

You would pay for two accounts if you have two accounts. You might have an account (and license) in your name and your wife might have an account (and license) in her name. Or, you might have one account in your name with two licenses. Point is, you only need one unless you want to use two at the same time.

Yes and nobody said anything different. :slightly_smiling_face:

Some sort of “second core at half price” offer might be useful for people who need it, and then perhaps morphed into the “Roon mobile” premium, if they ever get around to implementing that.


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