A success story! ROCK on low power AMD Fusion E-350

I recently bought a Streacom mini-ITX chassi, an F7C.

Included was a complete setup based on AMD’s Fusion platform, E-350. This was in the form of an Asus E35M1-I Deluxe motherboard with integrated CPU (Dual Core 1.6Ghz) and a 4Gb stick of DDR. Win 10 Home was on a spinning 2.5" drive and was running as quick and agile as you would expect. (Like syrup in other Words!)

My purpose of this unit was to dispose of the internals and have a nice chassi to either implant a NUC into or even build something more powerful. Of course i wanted to try ROCK if the hardware choices would allow it.

The harddrive was immediately replaced with a 250Gb SSD and just out of curiosity i prepared an USB stick with a Roon ROCK installer. Hmm, the darned thing just booted up from the usb and allowed me to try and install ROCK? On an AMD E-350?

To cut to the chase, ROCK is installed and running my Roon licence right now. Everything works just fine as i can see it incl WLAN/LAN/USB and power handling (on,off, reboot) Now running my local library from an external USB i’m connecting an internal 4Tb drive for the lib tonight.

Even though this is a very low powered platform the ROCK experience is very good, snappy interface, swift searches etc. It’s not cut out for DSP use even though it does just fine with PCM upsampling (ca 8x processing speed going from 16/44.1 to 24/176.4) The analysis of the library is a bit slow though… :wink: All with a library of almost 2Tb of data, 5K albums in various resolutions of FLAC.

I know this is unsupported to say the least, but my question is more general and of use to alla ROCK’ers out there:
Are there any monitoring tools available through the ROCK interface? I would like to see CPU/RAM perf and if possible monitor temps.

And one more:
Are there any plans on adding the option to create an Ad-HOC WLAN using the wireless adapter (if available) for a “portable” Roon solution? (I’d love to be able to take this thing with me to work and play my local music there too)

Thanks for a great product gentlemen!

PS This is not meant to replace my native NAS Roon Server with which i am VERY pleased, it is a backup/portable solution.

not at the moment.

No such plans. I suggest you use an external hotspot.

Alright, thx Danny!

One more question,
Why not make it possible to select individual folders on the internal storage for indexing? On the internal drive i have two folders, Music and FLAC2 but i cannot select them individually. I happen to have the exact same folders on the external USB where they ARE individually selectable for inclusion in the library.

The design of ROCK is that the internal storage is meant to be turn-key and always just music. Zero configuration. It’s part of the appliance, not something you tweak or tune.

You can do what you want with external storage in ROCK or by running your own Linux build.

Okay, figured it was about keeping things as simple as possible. I’d still like the option to add separate folders in the internal storage though.
Firstly, similar behaviour in similar scenarios is easier to grasp than differences. :slight_smile:
And also, the option to disable/enable, say, a folder of difficult jazz or Mp3’s is useful, at least to me. (i know i can achieve similar results with tagging and other ways but not as straightforward and swift as enable/disable folders)

Just my two pesetas! :wink:

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