A thankyou to the Roon Team


I just wanted to shout out to the Roon team to say thankyou.

Last night I implement a convolution crossover filter using Roon for my new JBL M2 speaker setup. I am super impressed with what I am hearing.

Without Roon this would be a very difficult, and a costly undertaking.

To have Roon singularly handle all my music streaming, music management, volume, room correction, multi room functions, & convolution crossovers is pretty remarkable.

A big thankyou to yourself and your team for making this possible.


Convolution in Roon is a great feature and with services like home audio fidelity being so easy to accomplish and relatively inexpensive it really is a killer app part of a killer app.


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Yeah, I have been playing around with Roon procedural and convolution for some years. Its a great aspect of the software.

I typically use REW/Rephase for filter generation. Thanks for the link.

I was keen to post something positive for the Roon team.
I have always found the EQ engine of Roon to be super reliable.

Just loving my new setup.