A very modest forum-related quest, humbly made

When I read a post on the forums I like, I often want to acknowledge it, but I don’t really have anything much to say so I don’t want to reply. So I go in search of a “like” button. Instead, I encounter a red heart, which to me indicates love. I find myself thinking, “it wasn’t THAT great.” I do nothing. Can we change that heart into a thumbs-up or something, or is that, like, copyrighted?



I love this request.


Hi Jim,

The forum software is an open source product called Discourse. I found the following post in the ux part of the Discourse forum:

I’ll raise it with the other mods and devs and let you know what they think.


Predictably on a forum, but, I really, er, ‘love’ that little bit of Roon love….


But when you click it, it indicates a “Like”. Is it really that bad?


Mark, see subject line.

The newest Discourse software, to which i upgraded this weekend, has some things to promote likes instead of +1 type messages (little reminder messages when you don’t have much to type in your message).

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