A way to call up all versions of a song

As someone who listens to a lot of live music, I have many versions of songs in my library from different shows played by the same band. It would be nice to have a way to quickly pull up a list of all the shows a song was played in. Currently I have to manually search, but a quicker method within the menu for a song entry would be nice. Perhaps add a “focus” option that applies song name and artist filters.

It might be even better if the user is able to add custom filters to this menu. I think that might be the real feature request. My usecase wouldn’t involve including Tidal results, but I’m sure others would want that and I probably will too sometimes. Shortcuts to custom filters would probably be the best way to go in order to make it useful to the greatest amount of users.

What about this?

Composition selector:

Specific composition:

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The composition view is great, I just want to be able to get there right from the track list of an album.

But you can…

First image is the track list of the album I’m currently listening to. Second image is what I get to when I click on the [2] icon for “Old Time”.

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Hmm look at that, clearly ive never clicked on that…

Unfortunately that method is unreliable as presently implemented. If you have anything in ()[]{} in the track title that doesn’t match other instances then Roon doesn’t make the link.

Equally if you have a performance that lacks a composer entry Roon also won’t make the link, even if performed by the same artist.

The only reliable way to do it at present is to go to Tracks off the main menu (can’t do this from a mobile), filter on track name and sort by artist.

Oh, so you think Roon should automagically know that the track titles that are different are the same song? How would Roon do that reliably? Or you think Roon should automagically be able to match track titles even with no composer? Tracks with the same titles may not be the same song.