A way to manual "sync" metadata/id3 between roon and other music apps?

Hi all

I hope this is an appropriate thread to post this question. One of the thing that really bugs me in roon is the fact you cant really write to id3 tags (by design i get it) but also cant manually export into tags all the metadata you collect (ie if i want to save all the albums and track ratings/fav etc this seems impossible)…

the current (super cumbersome…) system i haver to deal with this is to manually open the files in an external tagger EACH single time i want to modify metadata (tags)…as you can imagine this gets really old really fast…:slight_smile:

so i was thinking maybe a script i can launch via a hotkey (using Keyboard Maestro ?) that can identify the current playing song in room and the path and auto load the current file into a Tag editor (i use YATE)

…problem is i have zero coding skills :laughing:

does anyone have any experience doing so? something i can use as a starting point?
or perhaps a different approach that can address syncing metadata between roon and any other app that uses id3 tags…

best and thx so much in advance!


The extended metadata Roon uses is under license from its providers and cannot be exported from Roon. You can export you library from Roon to flac and it will embed the basic metadata but not the extended stuff. However this feature was broken for some time and I don’t know if it’s been fixed yet or not as I have never used it.

thx @CrystalGipsy !

i am not concerned RE the extended metadata but rather the metadata we input (such as track rating, album rating, favorite track/album etc). it seems to me that currently (And maybe forever) that won’t be possible to export in an easy way.

so that’s what im looking to also embed that in id3 tags each time i rate a track album :slight_smile:

currently this is very cumbersome and looking for a solution to make life easier (if at all possible… :))



Not sure there is a way that I know off any automated to do it in bulk. You can export out an XL doc of your library but not sure if that contains that relevant info, then you would need a script/code then to parse that and write it into the files. But for a layman it’s not simple without some coding knowledge. Although some one on the community might have some good ideas on the subject.

Just did a test on the XL side it doesn’t add anything other than the basic info so no ratings or other additional stuff other than if you made a Roon Tag for it.

thx again!

yeah thought so. that’s why i am thinking of a script i can launch (on mac using Keyboard Maestro ?) that can identify the current playing song in roon and the path and auto load the current file into a Tag editor…wonder if anyone is using anything similar or another approach who can share his methods?



I would absolutely love something like this and have requested Roon reads those file tags in the past. I also use Yate and if there was a way to access those things from Roon, he would build us an action import it. I have been wondering if the Roon API may be worth looking at, but I know nothing about programming or extensions. But if there was any way to grab this info from Roon, Yate could easily apply this data to a database that would then update your files using an action that is already in Yate and could be set to run on startup